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TeenFit Is Focused on Teens and a Fit Lifestyle

TeenFit at Dominate Sports PerformanceHey #teens (is that how hashtags work?), would you like to get in better shape but just don’t know how? Have you spent time at the Big Gyms or in your schools weight room just kind of wondering around for an hour, doing random lifts, and not seeing results? Without a plan and a little bit of motivation the time you spend working out can not only not help, but can actively be working against you. Our TeenFit program will help you maximize your gains and achieve an amazing┬álevel of fitness.

How many times have you done this: Go into a gym, do some cardio on a treadmill for a few minutes, stretch a little, walk around and randomly try out different pieces of equipment, maybe hit a couple sets on each, break a sweat and call it a day? Those monstrous machines might serve a purpose for specific people with specific training plans focusing on specific goals, but you probably do not fall into that category. Hitting the leg press machine for two sets of five twice a week isn’t going to get you ready for anything but injury and boredom.

Studies have shown time and time again that high intensity interval training (HIIT) gets you in much better physical shape in less time than the traditional “run a few miles on the treadmill” mode of exercise. Other benefits? It increases your overall cardiovascular health, wards off Big Diseases like diabetes, and maybe the best benefit of all, gets you strong, fit, and maybe, just MAYBE, start seeing some abs pop out. TeenFit is just that, high intensity interval training that focuses on short, intense workouts that maximizes your results.

So if you’re tired of going into the weight room or gym not having a plan, not knowing how to do lifts correctly, not accomplishing anything on the treadmill except getting bored, come give TeenFit a try. We’ve got a no hassle intro workout every Wednesday at 4:30pm to let you get a taste of what we do. If you like it GREAT, we’d love to have you come train with us. If not, you haven’t lost anything but your breath and a little sweat. Did I mention the intro workouts are absolutely FREE? Oh, and our class times conveniently coincide with Capital City CrossFit so you can come train with us while mom and dad train over at C3. We offer discounts for the kids of Capital City CrossFit members, so it’s a great opportunity for the whole family to get in the best shape of your lives!